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From Publisher's Weekly
Maisano, founder of the No Surrender Breast Cancer Foundation, examines the delicate personal side of reconnecting after the trauma of breast cancer. Writing in a straightforward, conversational style, Maisano leverages her hard-won firsthand knowledge to create an informative and supportive guide for women in the process of reclaiming their sexuality, post-treatment.

Presented in two parts, the book begins with issues related to healing the body and mind. As cancer survivors shift from fighting for their lives to planning for the future, Maisano illustrates the pros and cons of treatment options. A two-time breast cancer survivor herself, she assembles personal stories and explains complex procedures with welcome frankness and humor: "All this will mean a farewell to the ovaries and a baptism by hot flash into the world of sudden menopause."

In Part Two, the author takes a close look at sexuality and intimacy after treatment, offering up-to-date information, nonjudgmental support, and healing exercises for women as they recover in their own unique ways and face individual challenges on the road to health.

This book will be vital to women who find themselves in the process of healing, and to all the people who care for them. (Jun)

From Library Journal
"Breast cancer survivors have a great deal to celebrate, but they may feel alone, worried that they are no longer attractive, and depressed by the changes that surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy bring to their bodies, all of which may affect their relationships and sex lives.

Although health-care professionals prepare patients for treatments, they often fail to address the resulting emotional and sexual issues. Maisano—two-time breast cancer survivor and founder of the No Surrender Breast Cancer Foundation, which provides support for women coping with post-therapy issues—fills this void. She first examines the practical aspects of dealing with the body after treatment: changes in the breasts, chemically induced menopause, hair loss, pain, and lymphedema. She discusses alternative and traditional drug treatments, nutrition and supplements, exercise, and cosmetic surgery. She then addresses the emotional factors—fear of recurrence, feeling unattractive, anxiety, and worry about sexual relationships—and offers frank and compassionate advice for both single and married women about overcoming these problems, and she shares stories of women who have succeeded.

VERDICT: An excellent book that fills a gap in breast cancer collections.—Barbara M. Bibel, Oakland P.L."

From Fight Pink
“Intimacy After Breast Cancer is a no holds barred, straight to the point guide for all of us women who have heard the words, “You have Breast Cancer.” It guides you back to your ‘before cancer’ you, helping you to reclaim your spirit, your sexuality and your relationship with yourself, and those around you.” Says, Stacy Martello.

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