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Welcome to our site, the online home of the No Surrender Breast Cancer Foundation. Are you or someone you love seeking guidance and support following a breast cancer diagnosis? Within these pages you will find answers to all your questions.

Click the Menu on the top right of this page to guide you through your pathology and the different treatment options you have. We have provided quick links to the right of this page for easy access to the most frequently asked questions.

No Surrender was created by breast cancer survivors for you. We are so glad you found us.


Screening Guidelines
A comprehensive report on
the Mammography Debate

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Metastatic Disease
Clinical Trials and Treatment Updates

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Controlling Pain Following Breast Cancer Surgery

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Beta Blockers Improve Effectiveness of Chemo ... more

Checkpoint Inhibitors Advance Treatment Clinical Trial for Detecting Metastasis in TNBC...

New Clinical Trial Provides Access to Targeted Therapies for Advanced Disease Patients ...

Experts Advise Patients to Use Caution with Supplements DURING treatment... more

A TNBC Breakthrough: Triple Negative Breast Cancer Gene Identified...

Researchers Find New Hope for Metastatic Her2+ Patients ...


A View of the New ASCO Screening Guidelines for Breast Cancer Patients Post-Treatment, by Gina Maisano & Constantine Kaniklidis... read more

BREAST CANCER SCREENING: Our Chief of Research Provides Clear Evidence Based Guidance on Breast Cancer Screening... read more

The Latest From the No Surrender Post

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Call to Action

The No Surrender Breast Cancer Foundation launched the Before Forty Initiative to save the lives of young women who don’t even know they have breast cancer, yet.

Until there is a cure, the ONLY defense we have is through early detection. This includes, monthly, self breast exams, baseline mammograms* starting at the age of 35 and at age 30 if you are from a high risk group particularly women who are African American, of Ashkenazi heritage or if there is a family history of the disease; and women who have what are known as “dense breasts.”


We encourage women to get breast ultrasounds as a follow up to their baseline mammogram, because some cancers show up on one test and not the other. And if anything is found to be inconclusive or suspicious, we urge all women to never “watch and wait” but to insist on a breast MRI for a more complete view of the breast more

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Support Forum

Talking to fellow survivors is one of the best ways to find the strength you need right now. Our online
support forum includes sections for the newly diagnosed, those in the midst of treatment, women who have completed their treatments, patients facing surgery and reconstruction and a vast library of the latest in medical research to help you live a healthier life. It is free to join, open 24/7, closely moderated so it is safe and for you- anytime you need us. Click HERE to get to the Forum.