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Which is scarier— the word "cancer" or the word "chemo?" Ask anyone who has never done chemotherapy and their answer will most likely be “chemo” because there really has never been any “feel good” chemo stories. You usually hear the worst of the worst, what doctors like to call the “Movie of the Week” type of chemo that is depicted on television.

A person who has undergone chemotherapy will answer you differently. The truth is that chemotherapy is not what it used to be. There a millions of people tolerating it better and able to go through their lives in spite of it.

There are many drugs to counteract its side effects now, making it easier to tolerate. And there are new methods of administration that help the patient stay as whole as possible during this very difficult battle.

There still is a long way to go, but chemotherapy has definitely become both more tolerable and more effective at killing cancer cells. And that is what you must focus on: KILLING CANCER, which is the most underrated side effect of chemo – IT WORKS!

Here you will find a break down of the most popular breast cancer chemotherapies being utilized today and ways to help survive them.

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